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Why make the move and switch to synthetic grass?

As El Paso residents, we know the dry hot climate does not contribute much to a beautiful natural lawn, that is why synthetic grass is the adequate alternative for a beautiful green lawn all year round! Other than the aesthetic pleasure that synthetic grass bring it is also:

  • Water Conservative
    Other than synthetic grass being eco friendly, it is also budget-friendly. Save tons of water by switching to synthetic grass!

  • Non-Allergenic
    Synthetic grass, as the name implies is not real. This means that you get to enjoy your lawn no matter the season without having to worry about grass pollen allergies!

  • Durable
    The quality and reliability of the materials that are used to manufacture synthetic grass are made to withstand almost any type of traffic or discoloration making it extremely durable.

  • Investment Return
    The investment of a quality installation pays itself in a short period of time by eliminating lawn care expenses and (in some cases) increases home value!

  • Pest Free
    Say bye to any harmful pests as synthetic grass does not attract any!

  • Excellent Draining
    Unlike real grass, synthetic grass has holes and a screening base which helps drain any type of liquid more effectively.

  • Pet Friendly
    Synthetic grass is ideal for pets! Options are available specializing for canines!

  • 99 % Maintenance Free
    Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance!


Our Process

As a locally owned and operated company, we know how important it is for customers to know how and what processes are used to beautify your home!

Grass Installation Time

Once the screening base is tampered and designed, grass is ready to be cut, fitted, and nailed down!

The Finishing


Lastly,  we make sure that the area is left clean and grass is brushed to leave your lawn in the best conditions possible!



First, we start by removing what is in the area that will be remodeled. Being it rock, grass, brick etc. Don't worry we haul it down to the local landfill!

Screening Base

After cleaning the area, we fill it with quality/fine screening which will help the draining process. The screening is tampered giving the grass a sturdy base to lay on.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our quality services are unbeatable in the El Paso area. We guarantee a clean, fast, and attentive services. We make sure to bring the best of the best to your project so you could enjoy your synthetic grass at its pinnacle!

Create your dream lawn.
Tell us about your project today.

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